5 Reasons Why Commercial Builders Use Quality Materials

We often tend to only look at the visual results of construction. And while there are definite perks to sprucing up a place, it’s often the aspects that you can’t see that have a much more substantial impact.

There’s no amount of design finesse that can cover up poor construction. That’s why reputable builders pride themselves on their work. And one of the easiest ways to gauge a builder’s commitment to construction quality is by judging their choice in materials.

These five points illustrate why good commercial builders only use quality materials.

1. Reputation is Everything

Commercial builders build their businesses almost entirely on reputation. After all, who’d hire a builder who was only known for doing shoddy work? With many people believing that the current certification process is inadequate, the only resource for them to turn to is the quality of a builder’s previous projects.

That’s one good reason why the most reputable builders rely on quality materials from reputable manufacturers. They understand that choosing an inferior product will reflect on the quality of their work should it fail.

2. Quality Products Have Airtight Warranties

Reputable manufacturers will always offer comprehensive, long-term warranties on the products. This signals two things to the builders: that they have faith in the materials that they’re selling, and that they’ll stand by them in the unlikely event of a defect.

Rarely will you ever find such guarantees on cheaper materials. And while it might be worth it for some to save money by cutting corners in the short term, quality builders believe in building something to last.

3. Proven Builders Want Products With Proven Track Records

You’ll only know that a material is of sufficient quality after it’s been put through its paces. That’s why top-tier manufacturers rigorously stress test their products before making them available to the public. And they’ll publish the data to prove it.

Further, many of the most venerable manufacturers will have been in business for years, affording builders to cross-reference their published data with the experiences of consumers. It’s an opportunity to have just a little more peace of mind in the product that they’re using.

4. Quality Projects Are Better for Meeting Projected Timetables

Delays on the worksite are bad for everyone, driving up the builder’s costs and frustrating the client. And one of the surest ways to ensure that you will have delays is to opt for cheaper building materials.

Should a crucial component fail, it can mean redoing days’ worth of work, or worse. A quality builder wouldn’t risk that just to save a little money upfront.

5. Quality Construction is Eco-Friendly Construction

Quality materials are long-lived materials. And the longer they last, the less-often work needs to be done and old materials replaced. In addition to saving money in the long run, it reduces waste and carbon emission from new materials needing to be produced and new work performed.

Further, many high-quality materials are designed with eco-friendliness in mind, and new and unconventional materials are being devised all the time.

Material Quality is the Foundation of Construction Quality

There are no clever design solutions and no amount of hard work that can make up for building with unsuitable materials. The limits of a builder’s construction quality are capped at the material conditions they choose to work with. That is why the first step a good builder always takes is starting at the highest quality possible.

That maximum extends to the design stage, as well. A quality builder will usually offer an in-depth design consultation well before ground is ever broken. To see what that should look like, read our explanation of what to expect from a design consultation.

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