5 Tips for Your Cafe Interior Fitout

Did you know that 60% of new eateries and cafes fail within the first year? The lack of proper management and preparation along with a poorly designed cafe interior is a recipe for failure.

It takes the average person about 3 seconds to register a negative opinion about your business, which means that the layout and design of your cafe are essential for success.

If you are new in the cafe industry or looking to spice up your cafe interior, there are some key factors that you must pay attention to, or else you could become part of the statistic of failure.

The problem is, how can you know what will actually work and attract customers, without wasting a bunch of money on designs that do not work?
Thankfully, we did that research for you, keep reading to discover how you can create the cafe interior of your dreams, draw in more customers, and skyrocket your cafe business!

1. Check Your Lighting

There is nothing worse than a dark and dim cafe. The lack of proper lighting can make people feel rather depressed, and not want to stick around. On the contrary, overly lit cafes can create a sterilized and impersonal vibe. The secret is being in the middle of the two.
Make sure you have a cafe location that allows for lots of natural lighting, this will brighten up the mood and create a joyful atmosphere. Also, place your fixtures so that they are lighting up the tables and counters, anywhere that people are sitting.

2. Furniture and Seating Arrangements

You want to make sure you have comfortable furniture that allows your customers to linger for a while. Additionally, include tables that are at an adequate length of reach from the chairs.
Your tables and chairs should also match the theme of your cafe, for example, if your theme is rustic, using some palette furniture or something that looks “hand made” will work well.

3. Colours and Theme

Colours have a major effect on our moods and emotions, so consider using calmer, more welcoming colours over harsh and bold colours. Also, avoid anything that is over the top and distracting, as you want your cafe to feel like a relaxing place for your customers to escape from the rat race and have peace.
There are many new trends appearing for cafes, so staying on top of the latest ideas will keep you ahead of your competition.

4. Organization Behind the Scenes

Besides the physical appearance of your cafe, it is essential that you have a well-organized establishment. Your staff must be well-trained and ready to handle the busy morning rushes and work well under pressure.
Make sure the kitchen has consistency because no one likes a meal that is different every time they visit.

5. Noise

If you regularly have customers that come for meetings or work events, you need to make sure that there are no distracting noises that will detour them from returning. Set up your cafe interior so that the barista machine is not overpowering the sitting area with noise, and that the chairs are arranged in a way that people do not have to shout over each other.

Learn More About Designing the Perfect Cafe Interior

By following these tips for your cafe interior, you are well on your way to having a successful cafe business. If you would like more information and help from a cafe fitout professional in the design business, feel free to contact us for further information.

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