5 Ways a Shop Fitout Can Boost Your Staff Productivity and Motivation

Did you know that happy employees are 20% more productive?

Even more surprising, did you know that office design contributes to employee happiness? Many companies focus on the financial reward structure that they offer to employees. However, more and more companies are now thinking about how their office design affects their workers. 

Could a better design and more modern setup help your employees to be more productive?

Check out our guide to why an office fitout can release the hidden potential in your workforce.

1 – Make More Than Desk Space in Your Office

An office is more than desks. The social environment by the coffee machine, the water cooler is the stuff of legends. It is where interaction is formed, and great ideas are formed.

You want to keep the level of engagement with work high. However, you also want to give your workers the opportunity to break up the day and think outside the box. 

Unfortunately, this was not always appreciated in the past. Is your office suffering from workaholism? Maybe it is time for a fitout that can bring some much-needed variation. A coffee location, unique lighting feature, comfortable seating to break from the office chairs. The opportunities are endless. 

2 – Splash Some Color

Doesn’t it seem like each decade had a color scheme? Brown and yellow, magnolia, gray. In many offices today sadly, the walls are a reminder of times past and do not encourage innovation. 

Countless studies have shown that colors influence worker performance and creativity. So, encourage the creativity of your workers. 

Many workers are aware of the range of office designs available. They know what schemes other companies employ. Satisfy their creative sides by changing up the color of the office areas according to the work being performed there.

3 – Ever Thought About Open Plan?

Innovation is about the communication of ideas. Walls can be a serious obstacle to communication. Sometimes this is preferred for team leaders and oversight. However, in everyday office locations, it can be a hindrance. 

Build an equal shop floor where each worker is able to speak with his neighbor. Encourage them to build relationships and synergies that benefit the company.

This is not only the best use of office space for communication, it actually efficiently shares the square footage of the office. 

4 – Incorporate Storage Space

Organized offices are made up of organized people. It is a good idea to ensure that your employees have the equipment they need to organize themselves.

Providing them with custom office furniture that both provides storage but is aesthetically pleasing has many benefits. It tells the employee what is expected of them. It also speaks loudly to any visiting clients regarding the reputation of the company.

5 – Emphasize Branding

Office workers are most efficient when they are working as a true team. The company branding and logo will remind them of the common cause that they are working towards.

It is important to regularly remind, not only your customers but also your employees of your brand and ethics. 

Office Fitout and So Much More

If you think that an office fitout would bring more creativity and productiveness to your team, we agree and want to help.

We are experienced experts in the field of office design and creation. We research the latest office fashion and design trends to offer you the optimum design.

So, why not contact us to see how we can help you? 

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