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Spoke can supply and install a wide range of commercial doors and related accessories that have been designed to complement our partitioning solutions.

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Timber Door Systems

Our Timber Door Range offer endless possibilities in size, construction, and style. A diverse range of options is readily available including; vision panels, machining for hardware, specialized cladding, and veneers. Our stringent quality control procedures maintain a superior level of product integrity, essential in commercial and high-end residential applications. The range includes sliding doors further complimenting the Sliding Systems.

Features of Timber Doors

  • Quality commercial grade construction
  • Large range of stock doors
  • Exceptional turnaround time on custom sizes
  • Custom machining for associated hardware and seals
  • Viewing Panels with a wide range of glass types
  • Variety of Veneers available
  • Fire rated doors
  • Aluminum Doors

Our  Aluminium Doors deliver a contemporary finish to the interior of commercial and residential spaces. Constructed with strong and durable components, our Aluminium Doors are low maintenance and deliver consistently high performance in heavy traffic settings. Spoke’s Aluminium Doors are manufactured with rubber glazing which allows for pre-glazing prior to installation.

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Aluminium Door Systems

Aluminum doors can also be preglazed prior to installation. Available to suit a wide variety of applications including hinged, sliding, pivot and bi-fold configurations and available in different powder coat and anodized finishes.

  • Includes narrow and wide stiles
  • Suits a vast range of acoustic and weather seals
  • Available in a range of powder coat and anodized finishes
  • Glazing pocket accepts either rubber or silicone glazing options.

Opti- Lite

Opti-Lite Door Vision Panels are certified to comply with the AS1288 glazing code and allow for full visual sighting, additional natural light and a safer environment for staff overall. Engineered with a durable metal secure fixing clip, the Opti-Lite Door Vision Panel is easy-to-install and provides a cost-effective alternative to replacing doors on site.

The Opti-Lite Door Vision Panel features a pre-glazing design concept that saves installation time, eliminating the tedious process involved with traditional glazing. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, the Opti-Lite Door Vision Panel can be installed in both internal and external applications.

  • Glazed in 6.38mm clear safety laminate for extra security and durability
  • Suits a wide range of door thicknesses, from 32mm to 48mm
  • Stocked in the natural anodized finish
  • Available in a range of powder coat options
  • Can be manufactured to suit specific customised requirements including size, colour and class type.
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