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Desk screens and dividers have more than one purpose in an office. Whilst they can help keep unwanted stray wires tidy, they also separate the desks to provide more privacy, while being low enough to still encourage collaboration.

Upholstered Blade Screen
Workstation Dividers

Cubit 50

Cubit 50 is a versatile, quality workstation screen system, made to order in Australia. Made with E0 board which has zero emissions. Designed in Australia, this workstation system offers both ducted and non-ducted panels for ultimate flexibility. Cubit 50 can be reconfigured to adapt to a growing office, simply by adding or subtracting panels.

10 year warranty

Office Partition

Connect 30

  • Australian-made
  • Slimline 32mm Workstation Screen System
  • Use with any desk system
  • Made with E0 Board – environmentally friendly
  • Use as floor-based or screen-mounted
  • Powdercoat options: white, silver and black
Office Partition


Blade Upholstered Screens are the perfect way to create distinct working spaces in an office, whilst keeping with an open plan feel. Providing privacy and reduced noise levels, desk mounted screens are the ideal combination of collaboration and individual space.

Office Partition

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