Interior Designer for Spoke – Bio of Candice Lafforgue

Spoke Building and Interiors Specialist Interior Designer

My name is Candice Lafforgue and I am the design director of Interiyours, I formed this design business to capture my strengths as a designer and bring to life an artistic vision for work-life integration.
Interiyours specialises in understanding your current spatial frustrations and providing a solution that is aligned with the future direction of your business goals. It is my role to guide you through the design process, so that you gain a clear understanding of the final vision, through visuals, design documentation and sampling.

My point of difference is that I live locally to the Central Coast, when I meet with you to understand your requirements, I am going to be the person designing and working directly on your project. This aids in great communication flow as having one point of contact throughout.

I grew up with a passion for design and a zest, to turn the creativity I had into a career that I love. I value design that focuses on people centric spaces to complement the relationship that engages people to their physical environment. To highlight the connection of the ‘Wellness’ principles through activating the senses.

Interiyours is a design only firm that focuses on Commercial Interior Design of all scales. With a demonstrated history of 18 years experience within the design industry, I am excited to share my creativity and ability to deliver a customised design solutions to each client. “Design creates culture, culture creates values and Values determine the future” Robert L Peters

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