Is Commercial grade furniture worth It?

Your office is in need of new furniture, You’ve heard commercial grade furniture will stand the test of time, but more affordable residential furniture appeals to your budget.

Is there a happy medium between the two options?

Commercial grade vs. Residential furniture

When you start looking for furniture to fit your business’ needs, you’ll be faced with choices in quality, quantity, pricing, design and brands, this is where Spoke’s expertise can help. Whether you go with commercial grade furnishings or choose furniture intended for residential use, your choice will impact your budget and your future commercial interior design needs.

Commercial Grade Furniture

Buying commercial grade furniture boasts several benefits:

  • Recommended for business use and can withstand repeated use for hours, day in, day out for years by many employees
  • Sturdy, made of higher quality, more durable components — everything from the foam cushioning in chairs to the fabric upholstery to the finishes on desks and tables
  • Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, so more likely to maintain form and function for the life of the product

While the design of commercial grade furniture is usually less trendy than residential furniture, the neutral aesthetics of commercial furnishings are intentional. These classic pieces are meant to last a long time — a decade or more — and a lot of interior design trends come and go in that time span.

One common complaint about commercial grade furniture is the higher price tag. But like the neutral design aesthetic, the higher pricing is justified by the better quality materials and longer lifespan. Although the higher cost is a legitimate concern, you won’t have to replace commercial grade furniture as often, so you’ll save money in the long term.

Commercial furniture manufacturers make intentional design and manufacturing decisions based on their knowledge and experience with commercial interior designers and business owners.

Commercial grade furniture is flexible and built to last:

  • Workstations can be easily moved and reconfigured.
  • Power strips, cord controls and lighting are integrated.
  • Ergonomic task chairs and adjustable keyboard/screen mounts reduce fatigue.
  • Mobile and flexible storage furnishings will be relevant for years.
  • Tamper-resistant designs of polyethylene can survive outdoor and high-traffic areas.
  • Highly durable, stackable chairs are ideal for group spaces.
  • Quality commercial grade furniture is backed by lengthy warranties -some as long as ten years.
  • Commercial grade furniture does have longer lead times, so plan accordingly. However, Spoke can offer extensive customization to suit your commercial space or office’s interior design. The right material selections will keep your project within budget. Creative styling and custom colours will reinforce your brand for both staff and clients throughout the space.
  • From reinforced frames to stain-resistant and germicidal fabrics, commercial grade furniture meets the stringent demands of modern facilities.  The increased lifespan of commercial office furniture means replacement expenses are years away. Investing in long-lasting office furniture makes sense for even the smallest budgets.

But what about residential furniture options?

Residential furniture

Residential furniture is mostly sold by individual piece rather than in bulk, as it’s intended for homes. After all, a family probably doesn’t need 25 chairs to go around their dining room table, but a business owner may need that many seats around a conference table.

As for design, residential pieces tend to be more current,stylish and trendy . The downside for business owners and commercial interior designers is that trends change fast, sometimes yearly and often seasonally.

On the other hand, residential furniture is usually priced lower than commercial grade furniture. Part of the reason for lower pricing is that the materials and manufacturing of residential furniture are not up to the tougher, industrial standards of commercial grade options.Not even the most durable residential furniture survives the heavy traffic of a commercial installation.

Furnishing your commercial space with residential furniture means you’ll have to face a choice: redecorate every year or two — which gets expensive — or hold onto outdated furniture that might not hold up well to everyday use by dozens or hundreds of people.

Residential and commercial furniture brands all have something to offer, depending on your unique needs when furnishing.

Bottom line: what to buy where

So how does one decide which option is the best option?
Purchasing furniture for your commercial space comes down to three considerations:

  • Your budget
  • Your aesthetic
  • Your use case

Residential brands are an excellent choice for temporary furniture that you’ll use as accent pieces or to furnish a space in the short term. Think less frequently-used end tables in your lobby or foyer or fun focal points in your breakroom or meditation space.

If you’re looking for furniture that will hold up to daily use in a business setting, it is worth the investment in commercial grade furniture.

Items that get a lot of use

  • Desk chairs
  • Workstations / Desks
  • Conference tables
  • Couches and chairs
  • Shelving and storage

“The Bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten.”

Benjamin Franklin

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