Should You Get Custom Furniture for Your Home or Office?

Did you know the meaning of custom furniture has changed over the past ten years? Custom used to refer to a small change or alteration.

Now the word has taken on a whole new life with people wanting to create a unique home or office space.

Custom furniture has become a popular choice. Keep reading, and we will guide through when to go custom for your home or office.

Custom Made vs. Pre-Made Furniture

When you are looking to revamp a room in your home or office, you will most likely view custom and store-bought pieces.

We are going to walk through the main differences between custom and pre-made furniture.

1. Quality

Handcrafted furniture has better quality because the craftsman is very focused on every detail of the piece. You can also choose your custom piece’s materials, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

2. Cost

There is a common misconception that custom made furniture is more expensive; this is not always accurate. If you have a budget, the craftsman can usually work with it. For pre-made furniture, you most likely can’t negotiate a price because the store decides.

3. Flexibility

Custom furniture can fit the specific needs of the layout of your office or room. The craftsman can be flexible and make furniture that fits your needs if you need a small desk or one shaped to fit into a corner, they can make that work. When you buy pre-made furniture, you can’t change the size or shape.

When to Choose Custom Furniture

Custom furniture creates an emotional and personal connection. Whether you are redoing your bedroom or office space, it makes it more special to get custom furniture.

It’s important to create an office space that fits your team’s unique needs, supports and displays the brand of your company creates more storage space is eco-friendly and creates a pleasant environment for your employees.

Some of your employees may prefer workstations with privacy and partitions. Some may need a bigger desk for more monitors or more storage space for company documents. Custom made office furniture allows for flexibility to fit the needs of your team.

Solid wood furniture is trendy as well as environmentally-friendly materials. You want to create an environment that makes your employees feel comfortable and reflects the brand of your business.

The same ideas apply to your home. You want to create a comfortable space for your family. You need to design rooms and home offices that work for everyone with places to relax and unwind as well.

Sometimes, it works to have a mix of some custom pieces and some store-bought; it depends on what works best for you.

Start Designing Today

Now that you know the differences between custom furniture and pre-made furniture, you can determine what will best fit your office or home.

Custom made furniture is made with your inspiration and creates a special space.

Start looking for design ideas today or contact us today to learn more about the office spaces we build!

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