How to Safely Continue Renovations During Covid

Covid-19 put the whole world on hold this year. Countries all over the globe went into lockdowns to slow the spread of the virus.

People were unable to go to offices and businesses were closed to all. If you were planning renovations, Covid put them on hold.

Now things have improved, here’s how to renovate safely during the pandemic.

Renovations COVID Can’t Stop

With people having more free time than ever before, DIY boomed during lockdown. From decorating to gardening, the nation went crazy doing it for themselves.


It’s the perfect time to give your business premises some TLC. Whilst we often prefer to pay someone to decorate for us, it’s an easy DIY project we can complete on our own.

Plan Ahead

Is DIY not for you? Maybe you have a bigger task at hand. Plan your projects now so you’re ready to get started.

If you’re a business owner looking to take on office construction or workspace design, we can help! Do you need to fit out a space to comply with new safety regulations? We can assist with 3D design and concept drawings right through to installation.

If you’re a restaurant or cafe, check out our article on how to design your restaurant fit-out.

Stay Safe

If and when you can have tradespeople in your workspace, remember to stay safe.

Remove as much as possible from the space to ensure everyone can stay socially distanced. Keep hand sanitizer accessible at all the doorways and throughout the building.

Consider taping off areas that are too small to stay socially distanced. Also, create a one-way system around the space to avoid people passing each other.

Custom Furniture

Thinking of custom furniture for your space or do you have a design but don’t know where to get it made? We provide a custom furniture design and manufacturing service.

We can help you build furniture for your space which will help with social distancing and maximise the area’s capacity under new Covid-19 rules.

Get in Touch Today

We’re here to help with the renovations COVID has stopped you from completing or is making you consider in the ‘new normal’.

As lockdowns ease, make sure you’re ready to safely open your business or workplace. Be ready to continue providing your product or service.

Contact us to discuss your needs and take a look at the other design and construction articles on our website.

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